Continuing Education Weekend Mindfulness Retreats

belgium retreatThese Mindfulness Weekend Retreats are fully accredited, professional education retreats. We offer CEU's for health care professionals in some of our programs for psychologists, as well as for counselors, and nurses.

Mindfulness Meditation is a way to quiet and calm the mind by paying non-judgmental attention to your moment-to-moment experience. This type of meditation helps restore and maintain a sense of personal balance and develop the skills to avoid emotional and physical depletion. This is important not only for persons who are facing stress-related conditions, but also for persons who want to avoid physical or professional burnout.

We need to care for ourselves as we attend to the needs of our clients. In fact, learning to balance the emotional demands of the healing relationship with other personal and professional pressures is central to the healers art and vital to professional health and longevity.

  • Learn about mindfulness in medicine and psychotherapy, and gain skills that promote healthful living and a high level of wellness.
  • Learn how to guide your patients to work more effectively with stress.
  • Identify pathogenic reactions to stress.
  • Learn the theory and practice of Mindfulness Meditation.
  • Re-vision your work to reduce stress and realize your professional and personal ideals.


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